Analyst Training Program

EVEXIA Bio Fund also runs the Analyst Training Program (ATP) to foster a collaborative learning environment and enhance the quality of small group-led pitches. The program is comprised of a boot camp, seminar series, and comprehensive pitch presentation training. For inquiries, please contact


To foster a collaborative learning environment by enhancing the experience and quality of small group-led fund pitches to the EVEXIA Bio Fund.

Training Program

Trainees will learn investing skills from a boot camp and personalized coaching. Trainees will gain experience conducting due diligence & competitive intelligence, evaluating financial statements, and putting scientific expertise to work in a real-world context. Expect to dedicate ~40 hours of time over 3 months. It is expected that each accepted applicant will be able to participate for the entire duration of the program.


The pitch is the most important component of the ATP. In this cycle, each team of 4 trainees will work together to review the EVEXIA portfolio and make a pitch presentation for an EVEXIA Monthly Meeting. The fund will then vote on the recommendation pitched by each team.


To apply for the Analyst Training Program (ATP), submit the following application materials when a call for applications has been announced:

  1. Cover letter and resume
  2. Pick a small- to mid-cap biotechnology company and write a one-page ‘pitch’ of why EVEXIA should consider investing in that company. This does not need to be an exhaustive analysis; we want to learn about how you might approach a potential investment
  3. A list of other biotech companies that you consider interesting

ATP Graduates

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