Since its launch in May 2014, shares of The EVEXIA Bio Fund have increased value from $100 to about $217, with more than $160,000 AUM. The fund has generated and voted on almost 50 pitches mostly centered on cutting-edge biotechnology and medtech companies. Previous Partners have launched exciting careers in hedge funds, management consulting, industry jobs, and academic science.

Portfolio Management

All decisions are made by the Partners whose votes total a majority of the votes present at Partnership Meetings. Partners have the number of votes corresponding to the number of EVEXIA shares he/she owns. Any Partner or member of the community may pitch an investment idea after submitting the pitch deck to the Officers to be added on the Agenda.


New Partners may be added quarterly. Partners are expected to attend meetings, participate in discussion, and propose/pitch new investment ideas. Interested individuals may apply for membership by submitting a CV and cover letter to If approved by the Officers, membership will be up for a vote at the following Quarterly Meeting. Once approved, new Partners must invest in a minimum of 5 shares, submit the deposit slip, sign the Partnership Agreement, and submit a Schedule K-1 Tax form. Any Partner may withdraw partial or full value of his/her share in the Partnership at the Annual Meeting in December, although special circumstances may be considered.

Investment Risks

Past performance does not necessarily predict future results. Investing in the life sciences involves considerable risk, including loss of capital. Individual Partners are not liable for losses incurred by the EVEXIA Bio Fund.

New Partner Forms

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